Professional Services

We support businesses and offices as a partner through our continuous and diligent dedication by providing the highest quality of service. For maximised integrity of services benefitting our customers, we have added to our package the maintenance support services. Whether contracted service, or occasional emergency help-desk support, we have the service that will suit all your business needs.

AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract )

Is it crucial to maintain efficiency & smooth operations in a business? Absolutely yes. Not only it is important, but mandatory, too. Maintaining business continuity is simply the toughest job. Whether your business is related to Public, or Private sector, is an SME, large corporation, or organization, with an annual IT Maintenance Services Contract, you will have a well-maintained infrastructure along with reliable, highly qualified and competitive assistance that meets the highest business standards.

Why is the Annual Maintenance Contract AMC for any business is so important?

 Annual Maintenance Contract helps you avoid high repair costs and prevent unexpected damage.

 The AMC ensures regular checkups of the infrastructure, network & servers, and the availability of hardware spare parts if/when needed.

 Maintenance intervals are based on the understanding between clients and dealers. Services are performed as per scheduled intervals.

 AMC providers use only genuine spare parts, or hardware when replacing the faulty parts.

 An annual maintenance contract is varied according to the business requirements.

 Services, repairs, and maintenance of a particular organization are carried out in an organised manner throughout the contract period.

 You can save money and time when you focus on your core activities aimed at maximising the profits for your organization.

 Under the annual maintenance contract, all information related to your business or organization is strictly authenticated and protected.

 A business supported by AMC is highly secured, scalable, and reliable.

What are the benefits of our AMC support for your organization?

 We have a team of skilled technicians with hands-on experience in different sectors. Our offsite & onsite regular visits enable your business to be completely organized.

 We cater for all your requirements with the best solutions of highest industry standards.

 We handle emergency cases, too.

 Our customer support is available 24/7 with uncompromised service quality.

 During the contract period, we perform regular maintenance checkups to prevent and eliminate glitches around the company, network, and server.

 We generate monthly reports on the maintenance operations.

 Our qualified professionals continuously monitor the workstations, IT Audits, Security checks for your organization.

 We render on-time backups, provide security solutions for threats, spyware, and worms, or any other attempts for unauthorized access to your systems or networks.

 We provide affordable packages to our clients and help them boost revenues and profits in their business.

 Our AMC support services make our customers free from all infrastructure-related issues and enable them to concentrate on their core activities and ROI.

 Our innovative products and services always deliver the best solutions for your needs.

On-Site Support

We offer phone and on-site support for a wide range of hardware elements with the highest level of customer service. When you call us, we assign to you an experienced technician who can provide you with an 'end-to-end' solution to your problems. Our technician will assess your situation and recommend course of action. If new parts or software are required, our technician will install these and ensure that your system is up & running again.