Laundry management software development to drive business success

Laundry management software development to drive business success

05 Jul 2022

Laundry Management Software Development

to Drive Business Success

 Is your laundry management system properly in tune with your laundry operations in real time?

Do your system track inventory anytime and anywhere?

Does it allow you to view all your stores on one dashboard?

Can it generate custom reports comparing current KPIs with revenue targets?

It's time for an upgrade if not!

Laundry management software development can help you reach higher levels of service efficiency and lower costs. With it, commercial launderers like you can automate and optimize day-to-day operations and improve customer service.

You can increase your laundry service's profitability and your clients' satisfaction by investing in a custom laundry management system. Learn what you need to know about an all-inclusive system that can boost your laundry business.

Comprehensive Laundry Management System – Essentials

A secure, feature-rich and scalable solution should be designed to help laundry firms and dry cleaners boost their working efficiency, bring down their expenses, boost staff productivity, and manage their customer data efficiently.

Core Challenges Solved by Laundry Management System


  • Inefficient order assortment: A laundry business management system can help incorporate different modules with diverse service offerings to let you reach more customers each day!


  • Lost clothes & wrong deliveries: Proper garment identification eliminates the possibility of execution errors and misplaced items.


  • A sub-standard QC process: To ensure clean clothes and timely deliveries, a robust QA process is a must. Having a centralized system helps improve control & insight into processes through real-time quality checks based on identified SOPs for all dry cleaning & laundry services.


Now that you know how laundry management solutions can enhance client satisfaction & retain customers, let's examine the vitals - workflow, modules, and features - that are essential to running a successful laundry company.


Workflow of the Laundry Management System

A custom solution helps manage the end-to-end business operations; giving you total control over your business. The typical workflow includes pickup order entry, tagging of garments, washing, dry-cleaning, packaging, invoice creation, payment processing and drop-off.

Here’s essentially how it all flows:


Modules for Laundry Management System

Laundry management systems built on the cloud are designed to empower service providers with a standalone solution that can be seamlessly integrated with other systems. As a result, key business processes can be effectively managed from anywhere and on any device.

Following are the major modules that are a must for any business type:

  • Store Module – helps manage day-to-day store operations
  • Delivery – management of laundry pickup and delivery requests
  • Customer Module – manage orders with details and customer preferences
  • Admin Module – manages workflows, order processing, performance tracking and reporting

Features of Laundry Management System

Staying ahead of the curve in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry requires a feature-rich system. Here’s a list of the essential ones:

Store Module

One platform can manage multiple stores and all metrics, providing improved control and visibility.

  • Dashboard with all real-time information
  • Job Scheduler (Pickup, Drop & Other)
  • Customer Management
  • Real-time Dashboard & Custom Reporting
  • Service catalog
  • Bio-metric employee attendance at store
  • Store in/out – gate pass creation
  • Garment bar-code scanning
  • Garment wash processing
  • The garment in/out statistics
  • Payment mechanism – PoS system
  • Quality assurance through rewash/refund

Delivery App

Helps ensure on time pickups and deliveries via convenient management of requests with advanced route management.

  • Pickup request with location-based automated task assignment
  • Automated Routing & Scheduling
  • GPS-based store allocation for customer requests (nearest store)
  • Detailed input for system (garment & cloth type, material photo, and selection of laundry service type)
  • Real-time garment pickup/ reschedule date and time
  • Offline access


Customer Mobile App

  • Placing pickup requests
  • View Store-specific Price-list
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Profile management – manage addresses, input on promo codes & offers, payment preferences, previous orders
  • Refund/complaint mechanism
  • Order estimate calculator

Admin Module

A consolidated platform helps manage and track every facet of back-end processes, from a single dashboard.

  • Order Management (view/update/alert)
  • Pricing and garments management
  • Store management with multiple branches
  • Analytics & daily reporting
  • Payment conciliation with refund issue & wallet balance
  • CRM for the laundry business
  • Security for the overall system
  • Promotions & discount engine
  • Assign user access level
  • Complain/grievance management

Benefits of Laundry Management System

Using laundry management software, it is possible to keep track of everything, including clothing, linens, and rags, as well as managing the inventory process and accounting for that material.

Listed below are some of the benefits;

Improve Turnaround Time: A one-stop service offers automation to key areas of the operations with time to place an order, increase in productivity for the pick-up driver and timely travel.

Smart KPI Management: By incorporating KPIs from different sources with a single click and a visualization of how good your current results are with high targets, your operating procedure can be simplified.

Easy Inventory Management: Automation helps launderers smoothly execute inventory of all kinds, including laundry cleanser, machine registration, equipment maintenance, and so on. A dedicated system helps reduce expenses while indicating when it's time to restock.

Streamlining Laundry Processes: The laundry management system ensures an order is processed quickly and efficiently across each component of the procedure. In addition, it enables order handling, task allocation, and billing generation in just a few clicks.

Before settling on the actual solution that targets the best service for your customers; it is critical to know how TFS can improve service delivery by bringing out scalability and automation to be reliable, agile, and insightful.

Why Choose Kwikify for Laundry Service Management Software Development

We've helped some of the leading laundry and dry-cleaning service companies in Qatar to operate more successfully, engage customers, and modernize their operations through the use of our systems. Today, they offer a better customer experience and complete the centralized process-driven framework.

With Kwikify, clients can benefit from access to our dynamic group of custom software developers, UX engineers, interface designers, database experts, business analysts, and QA specialists from our parent company TFS

We use our talents, knowledge and skill to deliver smart laundry management solutions that grow with market trends, and keep your business at the leading edge of the industry.

With us, you can be more proactive in servicing your customers while we offer assistance in constructing a program to grow your business.