We have the highest quality talent pool of in-house and outsource developers in Qatar, Dubai, Iraq, India & Lebanon.

We have the highest quality talent pool of in-house and outsource developers in Qatar, Dubai, Iraq, India & Lebanon.

18 May 2022

How much does it cost to hire a software developer?

 A software developer creates software programs, and a team of them can create those programs or supervise their creation. They develop software that enables users to accomplish specific tasks on computers. Your project can be developed by freelancers, in-house developers, and offshore teams.


The majority of freelancers are found on freelance websites, where they share their portfolios and search for jobs.
Several factors determine the hourly wage of a freelance developer:

  1. Skillset. A freelancer's hourly rate will shoot up if he or she is knowledgeable about multiple technologies and languages.
  2. Experience. Experienced specialists charge more than junior ones.

Since freelancers tend to work for a global market remotely, physical location isn't a big factor in software engineering cost.

There are certain benefits to hiring a freelance developer:

  1. Reducing the cost of small projects;
  2. Employing experts for specific projects;
  3. Ensuring flexibility.

However, there are also disadvantages. In case you are considering developing a project that requires constant attention and uncompromised quality, you may want to consider other options. As compared to in-house developers or dedicated teams, freelancers are unlikely to be as dedicated to solving your business problems.

 In-house developers

You can also hire in-house developers and other staff as part of your project: a project manager, designers, testers, and so on. This is an extremely expensive approach since you will have to cover all the costs involved:

  1.  Recruiting and onboarding;
  2. Workplace organization;
  3. Offering benefits;
  4. Retaining staff;

Retaining employees for a longer period than the project may last. Keep in mind that the hourly rates of in-house specialists and in-house developers vary.

 Advantages of having in-house specialists:

  1.  Full control. You can easily monitor the team and direct all its processes.
  2. Motivation. They're more dedicated to accomplishing success, as part of their professional growth within the organization.
  3. Safety. Having in-house employees ensures they are more faithful to your project since they are less likely to abandon it midway.
  4. Long-run effectiveness. It is less expensive to hire in-house specialists if you need developers for more than just one task or project.

But hiring in-house programmers brings some risks as well. The main disadvantages are related to the high average cost of hiring staff. In addition, the amount of effort and time that must be put into finding a suitable candidate who has all the required competencies.

Outsource developers

 Alternatively, you can hire outsourced developers. This differs greatly from hiring in-house developers because it costs less, is easier, and does not introduce any extra personnel expenses. In such a situation, you get a sensibly composed team of professionals that will develop and implement your project, improve and support it if you so choose. Then you’re ready to take over the market with your product.

 In this scenario, the outsourcing team's engagement model will be critical. You can hire specialists only, but with this option, you must formulate a plan to control the progress of the development project.

 Location is also significant, since it affects the average hourly rate of a software developer.

 TFBS has the highest quality talent pool of in-house and outsource developers in Qatar, Dubai, Iraq, India & Lebanon. We provide the ultimate technology building blocks to power end-to-end personalized experiences for your customers and data-driven growth for your company.